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BEEFEATER came to Domestic Data Streamers to turn their I STAND FOR campaign into something physical. They wanted notoriety and recognition in the music festival environment. To stand out in an environment where artists usually stand out. A clear brief, but at the same time a difficult one

How could we attract more attention than the Mad Cool and BBK line-up?

We solved the briefing together with Domestic Data Streamers thinking about the most important thing: what does the audience want from a festival? To have a good time and be in the best place to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Let's give it to them. So we put together some infallible ingredients: a mechanical bull, competition and a VIP pass in the best space of the festival itself. The response was immediate: queues to sign up, thousands of participants and even Justice asking us to turn off the lights during his performance to avoid distractions.

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